About Tough Girl Jewelry™

Bold.  Beautiful.  Unapologetic.  It’s a mood.  A philosophy.  Each piece crafted from raw metal and infused with life through the use of diamonds and precious stones.  These unique works of art possess an elegant ruggedness, designed to highlight the beauty of imperfection.  Isn’t that who you are?  Beautiful.  Strong. Unconventional.  Imperfect

Take Tough Girl™ on your journey.

About the Designer

Art is my life.  My mother hung geometric shapes over my crib to “inspire” and “set free” my creative spirit.  It worked.  From an early start in ceramics and textiles to oil painting and charcoal at the School of the Art Institute. It was there I started working in light metals.  The affinity was instant. This material feeds my rebellious side and liberates me; not knowing how each piece of raw metal will take shape.  Tough Girl is organic and structured at the same time.  The juxtaposition of life I find fascinating.  Each piece is as unique as the woman wearing it.  I’ve been honing this skill for over25 years. 

Tough girl will tell your story for a lifetime.